WISE Reunited

Party Aims:

The first aim of WISE is to send a message to the people of the UK. 

That message is very simple and well overdue; “It’s time for you, the people, to WIN”.    

We  want to bring a broken United Kingdom back together again. We, need to improve the quality of life for everyone; but more importantly, get it to a position where we can hand it over to the next generation and their children beyond, in a good state. We can’t do that today.   We, need a dynamic economy, where thriving businesses create jobs, with wealth and opportunity for all.   

A united society, where our families, our communities and our nation create secure foundations on which the people can build their lives.   We, must create a more sustainable environment and protect the beauty of our planet. After all, it’s where we live. 

Our Core Values & Standards:

Core values and standards seem to have been lost in modern politics. We believe in those that have been taught over centuries and need to be looked at and taught again:





Respect for others

Help Others

We have a responsibility to each other. We need to stop turning the other way and instead reach out to help. In politics, business, health and life. Our communities have driven themselves apart, it’s time to bring them back together. Your party is a lateral party, made up of people who will act to ensure, that your party represents YOU the people of the UK.      

We Want:

1. A successful and united Britain that’s ready to compete within the global economy. We will put economic stability and fiscal responsibility first. There is no magic money tree, money can’t simply be printed off to create wealth. However, there are better ways to manage costs and better ways to invest tax payer’s money.

2. Our society needs repairing. It needs to be glued back together. The test for our policies isn’t how we help the most disadvantaged in society but, how it helps all in society. We must bring fairness to all and create a good level of living for everyone. People of all ages, backgrounds and situations need to feel they are valued.  

3. A quality of life in a quality environment. We will enhance our environment by seeking a long-term, cross-party consensus on sustainable development and climate change - instead of short-term thinking and knee jerk reactions. 

4. Public services for everyone, must be returned to a level that helps people and doesn’t destroy those trying to deliver it. We need to look at all public-sector services and do all we can to understand the pressures upon them. Our goal, is to deliver a sense of pride in their services to us, the people. To show that in a way that’s well deserved.  

5. We have the 4th richest economy, per person on the planet. However, with Brexit we must search to deliver a new and sustainable global economy. One that guarantees, a stable quality of life for everyone and those ahead of us.  

6. Security and freedom are a must. We have seen the increase of terror in the UK. Fighting crime and terrorism is not easy. We must ensure that our National Security is never compromised, by undervaluing those whom fight to defend your freedoms. We, will build stronger defences. Deliver effective enforcement of laws that balance liberty and safety - instead of, ineffective authoritarianism which puts both freedom and security at risk.  

7. We understand the limitations of government but, should look to think outside of those limitations. The people of the UK should aspire to do better. To be united and strive for knowledge and learning. It can and should support aspirations such as home ownership, starting a pension, and starting a business.  

8. WISE will be a government. One that represents the hopes and dreams, of this and future generations. It will be a party that thinks, like the people who vote for it. We, believe in unity. That, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England will deliver better local democracy and economy united rather than fragmented. We understand that people who live in these areas of the UK, know that they live differently to each other with their own way of doing things. It’s important that we recognise this and work together. 

Finally, we must deliver the sense of hope:  It’s time, for the people to WIN. With WISE, you can.  

People in politics

Kerryanne Wilde

Party Leader

In 2015 I sat down and thought, I just really don’t know who to vote for this year. I got all the main parties manifestos and read them. This was the 1st time I’d read one. It was from here that my need to know more and understand better the ways of the political world were born. 

WISE Reunited came about, after standing as a candidate locally, in the County Council Elections and the General Election. I was informed by many, afterwards, that if I had stood as an independent I would have fared better, due to all the voluntary and good work which I had carried out over the past 12 years while living in Cumbria. 

Transparency, honesty, fairness, openness and clarity are all core values of who I am and how I feel politics “Should Be”!   


Only with your support can we achive our goal.