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We Are Official.

The party's application has been passed by the Electoral Commission, as of  the 10th of November 2017 WISE Reunited is officially a political party in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  

Now it's time to change politics for the better and make political history.

Political news

Some facts and figures for the EU Withdrawal Bill

EU Withdrawal Bill

  • It’s been nine weeks since the second reading debate in the Commons
  • The bill as produced is 62 pages long
  • The amendments document is 191 pages long
  • There are 368 tabled amendments and 75 new clauses
  • The amendment with the most signatures is Amendment 300 – signed by 63 MPs and headed by Ed Vaizey
  • There are 13 Amendments with enough Conservative rebels to upset the government (assuming everyone else votes along party lines)

Party Media Requests

All media and information requests can be sent to Neil Drake at PR@wisereunited.org.uk


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