WISE will: reduce the tax burden on people living in the UK.

It's time for change!

The political system needs to put the people first, WISE will do just that. We will create a brighter future for you, your family and the country as a whole.

Minimum Wage

We will increase minimum wage to the following groups:

14-16 = £4.00 ph

16-18 = £6.00 ph

18-21 = £7.00ph

21-25 = £8.00ph

25+ = £9.00ph

Foreign Aid

Foreign aid to be cut to 7%, the remaining 93% to be put back into the UK economy to address our own issues.


More homes to be built on brownfield sites for local councils, allowing all monies raised to be recirculated back into the local economy. 


ESA & PIP to be brought back in house with the DWP and JC+.

With all assessments to be carried out by trained medical professionals.

It's time the people came first!

Armed Forces

We will build up our decimated Military back to a level consistent with the defence of the country.

NHS Staff

All participants in STEM subjects will have funding returned after five years service with the NHS.

Veterans Promise

Wise will extend the veterans promise to firefighters and police officers.

Bedroom Tax

WISE Reunited will completely abolish the bedroom tax.


As a nurse finishes training and joins the NHS staff, we will reduce the training debt by 10% per year of service.

School Meals

Any family earning under £25K joint income will receive free breakfast clubs and school dinners.

British Brand

Wise will work closely with British farmers to reinstate the British brand and bring farming back to its pinnacle.

Law & Order

WISE will ensure anyone who commits crimes using violence will serve the full sentence, with no prospect of early release.


We believe the Criminal Justice System is broken. Therefore we will instigate a Royal Commission to review the Criminal Justice System and introduce new laws to make our streets safer.


We support a multicultural society but not at the expense of the British people. WISE will seek to take stricter control of our borders. 

Child Care

Wise will look at introducing affordable child care from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm  to support working families 52 weeks of the year.


Any person attending A&E after overindulging in alcohol will be charged £50, this money will then be put back into the NHS.

Politics for the people

Armed Forces

Pay as you dine to be scrapped and a daily ration brought back in to ensure all troops get a proper meal.

Rental Properties

A full review of rental properties to be carried out ensuring all properties are fit for habitation. Landlords need to be held accountable for their property and ensure its up to code.  

Fishing Industry

Fishing industry - once Brexit is complete, then we will regain control of our own waters. We will stop all countries  fishing within UK territorial waters, restrict quotas and catches. With the creation of a national scheme to fund and restart the British fishing industry.

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